#1: Swimming can be as solitary or as social as you like – perfect for every personality and workout preference

#2: Thanks to the huge variety of pool-based exercises and workout options, you never need become bored

#3: You can work out as hard or as gently as you like, so it's a great choice for hardcore fanatics and beginners alike

#4: Swimming's a great way to switch off and escape reality – being immersed in the water is a great stress reducer

#5: A low impact sport, swimming is easy on the joints, making it suitable for everyone, whatever age or stage of life

#6: Like most exercise, swimming releases feel-good hormones called endorphins into the bloodstream, creating a natural post-workout high

#7: Swimming gives you a great all-round body workout – perfect for working off winter indulgences

#8: For those whose hair is the bane of their lives, a hair wash straight after your workout kills two birds with one stone, giving you a few extra minutes in bed the next morning

#9: It's an indoor activity, so there's no need to get cold and wet outside during winter – stay cosy while enjoying the warm, relaxing water of your local swimming pool

#10: It's a great life skill!

#11: Swimming skills open the doors to other sports like surfing, diving and waterskiing

#12: It's fun for all the family – from babies to grandparents, swimming is a great social activity for all age groups

#13: You can swim wherever there's a pool (or ocean or lake), making it a great way to keep up your daily exercise routine while on holiday

#14: It's a mixed-gender activity, so can do it with your other half or a group of friends

#15: Swimming is a great way to relax and shut off from the rest of the world


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